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"The mind is a terrible thing to waste"

A Child's Education

Shouldn't End Because

School's Out

Did you know that during the 10 weeks of summer vacation, children can lose between one month of school growth to 25% of the knowledge they learned during the school year?

Shouldn't My Child Get A Break?

It's okay to allow children to relax and have fun during their summer vacation--after all,they are just kids, and they worked hard all school year; but just because school's out doesn't mean their education should cease.

What Can I Do to Help My Child During the Summer?

Incorporating educatioal activities into your child's summer break will ensure that there isn't any academic regression. Here are a few summer suggestions:

Enroll your child into an affordable summer program

  • If you can't afford to enroll your child into a summer program, and he/she attends a public school in Miami-Dade County, iReady will still be accessible over the summer break. Allow your child to access iReady for a minimum of one hour each day--30 mins. for both Reading and Math
  • Buy books so your child can read over the summer--have your child write a book report or do activities with each book they read. Make it fun! For every book they complete, provide them with an incentive (ice cream, pool/beach day, extra time outside or playing video games, extra tv time, etc.). Another suggestion would be to have book discussions with your child
  • Check out books from your local library
  • Go on educational field trips--Frost Science Museum, Miami Seaquarium, Zoo Miami, Parrot Jungle Island, Lion Country Safari, Perez Art Museum Miami, etc. (the places mentioned are all located in Miami-Dade County)
  • Buy educational board games related to reading and math 
  • The possibilities are endless! The ultimate goal is to keep your child learning throughout the summer. In any case, the key to academic gains in the summer includes attending a summer program for 20 days or more, a program with engaging activities, and educators teaching for at least three hours a day (Chenoweth, K.)


    Chenoweth, K. (2016). Tackling achievement gaps from summer learning loss.

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